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The Cakery says ‘Thank You’ To Key Workers With Contactless Cupcake Deliveries

A few weeks ago we announced that we were taking nominations for key workers who are doing an amazing job of keeping us safe and looked after in the community and we had so many lovely nominations from people all over Leamington Spa and Warwickshire. It has been really hard to choose between all the fantastic nominations (we wish we could answer them all!) but some stood out to us in particular. We’ve been delivering cupcakes to our chosen nominees over the past few weeks and have loved getting photos and messages of thanks from them. It’s wonderful to be able to bring some cheer to people who are putting themselves at risk for the rest of us. We can’t thank you enough!

We have also been continuing to provide sweet treats to NHS staff at Warwick Hospital with the help from The Barn Kitchen.

Cupcakes for delivery to key workers in Leamington Spa.
Cupcakes for delivery to key workers in Leamington Spa.

Your Nominations

Here’s some of our favourite nominations along with the great photos we received, we particularly enjoyed the photo of the nurses at Cape Road clinic social distancing in the car park with their cake!

Police Officers at Leamington Spa Police Station:

“Please can I nominate Donna Smith. She’s a police officer at Leamington police station and she’s currently spending her days on the beat dealing with people who aren’t taking the lock down seriously. You can imagine the kind of response she’s getting! She should have been getting married in Italy last month and having a big celebration at Warwick House too. But that all went down the pan thanks to Covid-19. So I’m sure she’d appreciate some of your amazing cakes!! Her husband to be is also police officer at Leamington station. Thanks very much guys. You’re doing an amazing job!! xx ”

– Sam, Leamington Spa

Nurses at Warwick Hospital and a police office at Leamington Police Station
Nurses at Warwick Hospital and a police office at Leamington Police Station

Medical Students at Warwick Hospital:

“I thought I’d message you guys as I saw your initiative. I’m a medical student who’s passed all his exams and gone to work on the wards early. I’ve managed to get covid from the hospital already and I’m now self-isolating in my bedroom. I’d like to nominate my 7 house mates (who are also working medical students) who are now forced to stay at home and look after me. They’ve been on the wards all of last week and some over the weekend and now they’re cooking for me and delivering it to my bedroom. I know you’ll be inundated with requests but I thought I’d ask. Very grateful for supporting the whole care community and I realise you can’t give away your stock to everyone. Thank you!”

– Peter, Leamington Spa

Medical Students Thanking us for their cupcakes
Peter and his Medical Student housemates thanking us for their cupcakes

District Nursing Team at Cape Road Clinic:

“I would like to nominate my amazing District Nursing team of Community staff at Cape Road Clinic, Warwick. All staff in the NHS are working extremely hard throughout the country and this is such a lovely gesture. I’ve only managed them for a short time but their hard work, supportive nature, looking out for each other and the patients on the caseload makes me so proud. “

Kerry, Leamington Spa

“I think you’re doing a great job bringing a cheer to the frontline.  I would like to nominate my Daughter in Law Toni and the District Nursing team based at the clinic at Cape Road. There are 18 nurses keeping normality to elderly, vulnerable and people living on their own who have health issues. Xx”

Bromson Hill Care Home:

“I would like to nominate my amazing mum Tina who works at Bromson Hill Care Home. She works as many hours as she can for the sake of the residents even though she’s high risk after suffering a mini stroke a few years ago, she cares so deeply for them she’s offered to go on lockdown in the home if needed.”

– Christie, Leamington Spa

Staff at Bromson Hill Nursing Home, St Pauls School and Rye Hill Prison
Staff at Bromson Hill Nursing Home, St Pauls School and Rye Hill Prison

HMP Rye Hill

“What an amazing gesture. I’d love to nominate all the staff at HMP Rye Hill…So many deserving hard workers out there. I don’t envy whoever has to choose!”

– Abbie, Leamington Spa

“I’d like to nominate Sam Francis please ☺️.  He works at HMP Rye Hill and he and his colleagues are working long hours to keep us safe!”

– Ches, Leamington Spa

The Royal Leamington Spa Nursing

“I’d like to nominate The Royal Leamington Spa Nursing Home. My father Tony Robinson was a resident there since November, sadly my dad passed away there 5 weeks ago now whilst in there , the staff there are all truly amazing, the love and care they gave was priceless, not only to my dad but they all went out of their way to make sure my mum was ok everyday when she visited dad. I really can’t thank them enough. Xx”

-Lisa, Leamington Spa

Staff at Royal Leamington Spa Nursing Home enjoying their cake
Staff at Royal Leamington Spa Nursing Home enjoying their cake

Nurses on Willoughby Ward, Warwick Hospital

“I would like to nominate everyone on Willoughby ward, especially my boss, the ward manager, Sharron Mato. She is going an amazing job running the ward and keeping all our spirits up even though she is under great pressure. She would definitely appreciate cake!!!”

– Lucy

Nurses smiling with cupcakes from The Cakery
Nurses smiling with cupcakes from The Cakery

Key worker a Boots Leamington Spa:

“Please can I nominate the Boots key workers for a selection of your gorgeous cupcakes! Since lockdown, management, healthcare, pharmacy and assistants have continued to work hard, providing essential goods to customers. They all deserve a little yumminess to get them through the busy days in pharmacy and also deserve a well done for getting on the BBC Big Night In performing ‘Amarillo’ in the store! Well done Boots and thank you The Cakery for a brilliant service. Take care everyone and stay safe!”

– Fiona, Leamington Spa

A key worker at Boots with a box of Cakery cupcakes.
A key worker at Boots with a box of Cakery cupcakes.


We want to thank our customers for their lovely nominations and a big thank you again to all those key workers who are working hard on the frontline. We loved seeing the photos of you enjoying the cupcakes. Thank you for everything you do!

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