Corporate Cakes

Branded Cakes for Businesses

The Cakery can cater for your corporate party or event with branded cakes and cupcakes. We can create cakes to represent your brand or print your logo onto individual cupcakes to give out to clients or staff, whether its for a business launch, anniversary or Christmas party.

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Citi Cupcakes Corporate

  • Lorry Cupcakes
    Lorry Cupcakes
  • The Retreat Cake
    The Retreat Cake
  • Jaguar Landrover Cupcakes
    Jaguar Landrover Cupcakes
  • History Cupcakes
    History Logo Cupcakes
  • Volvo Cupcakes
    Volvo Logo Cupcakes
  • Citi Cupcakes
    Citi Corporate Logo Cupcakes