Love Heart Cupcakes to say “Thank You” to NHS Nurses ❤️

We sent lots of lovely Love Heart cupcakes to nurses at Warwick Hospital today! ????????????

We sent some cupcakes as part of a fundraiser a couple of weeks ago and after all the lovely messages and comments we got, we were compelled to send more joy!! ????

We hope they’ll help to brighten up the day for the amazing nurses working on the front line ❤️

Love Heart Thank You Cupcakes

We designed the cupcakes with Love Heart style toppers filled with messages of thanks and encouragement. You’re “Making us proud”, “You’ve got this!” and “Big hugs!”….thanks to them, one day we’ll all be able to hug again. ????

Lot’s of yummy Love Heart cupcakes

We have received lots of messages asking for cupcakes and we are doing our best to send more cupcakes to hard working NHS staff around Warwickshire, however we are currently closed so we only have 2 bakers that can help out at this time, including the legend that is Carolyn, who’s come out of retirement to help!

Thank you for your ongoing support of our small family business. It means a lot! ????

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